Dan & Whits

If we dont have it, you dont need it!

Dan & Whit’s, A General Store in Norwich, Vermont

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Everything You Need is Here at Dan & Whit’s!

Dan & Whit's sells EVERYTHING you need in one convenient location. Our motto is "If we don't have it, you don't need it". We also offer the personal service and advice that you would expect in a Vermont general store. In today's world of giant stores with help that's rushed and overwhelmed, you can wander into Dan & Whit's and relax, look about and find a friendly clerk to help you with what you're looking for, or advice if you're not sure what you need.

Where else can you fill your car with gas, get kerosene to heat your camp with, clothe your family from head to toe, buy a steak for dinner, (or a barbecue chicken if you are in a real hurry)?

You can also find a bottle of wine to celebrate, cut flowers for that special someone in your life, overnight film developing, toys for the children, an apple for the teacher, a mouth guard for your child's next sporting event.

There's also glass for the broken window, grain for your sheep, chickens and cows, paint for the house and barn, mops, shovels and brooms to clean up with, stove pipe, sleds, and bird feeders for the yard.

We also carry a number of Vermont products, such as Pure Vermont Maple Syrup and Vermont Cheese that's sure to be a welcome treat for any out of town guests!

If you're not quite sure what to get for someone, why not give them the pleasure of shopping at Dan & Whit's for themselves with one our Gift Certificates.

Dan & Whit’s goal is to serve the needs of our customers by stocking daily necessities, as well as items that we can order to fill their special requests.

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